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Our Mission

The P.R.O.P.EL Initiative guides young ladies ages 12-21, to make purposeful choices to create successful, authentic & healthy lives.

Our Vision

For every girl to learn and love who they are and boldly walk in that knowledge with unbridled confidence while manifesting their dreams and developing whole-life prosperity to pass on throughout generations.

Our Purpose

We help girls focus on our ten Jewels of Success Curriculum to prevent lack of preparation and poor decision making so that they can not just survive but thrive through middle school and beyond.

Why We Exist

A Letter from our Founder & Executive Director

Growing up in Washington, DC and its suburbs, there were so many options for me as a teen girl. Options that could have led me down the path to destruction or down the path to success. I was blessed enough to have a strong village that prayed for me daily and a church that gave me activities to keep me occupied. However, my battles with low self-esteem and school bullies had me wondering if I’d ever survived middle and high school. If I knew what made me special back then and had someone to talk to about my struggles, I would have enjoyed that time and prevented some of the choices I made to gain validation.

Here at PROPEL, we provide a safe space to talk, encourage girls to love themselves for who they are, develop healthy relationships with family, friends, and teachers, communicate effectively and learn the skills needed to live whole and productive lives from 12 years old and beyond.

It is my heart’s desire to see our girls discover who they are and why they were created. Myles Munroe said that “when we don’t know the purpose of a thing, abuse is inevitable.” Many girls walk around lost, depressed and confused falling prey to any and everything that comes against them because they have no purpose or self-love. Our work helps them find their purpose early and embrace it which motivates them to stay away from the things that will harm them and run towards the things that will cause their dreams to come true.

We have an amazing Board of Directors with a strong group of volunteers that pour out their time, effort, ideas and energy into the girls to see them not just overcome their environments and circumstances, but to prevent them from becoming a statistic. Please join us as a volunteer, a donor or both in our fight against the things that plague girls and help us change the world one girl at a time.

Tiffany N. Leak
Founder, The PROPEL Initiative

Our Board Members

Tiffany N. Leak

Executive Director

Keyonia Parsons

Vice President

Darya Davis


Tamara Chapman


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